Rehoboth Academic Services was established in 2013 in Bangalore, India. We have a full-fledged office with academic writers, science editors, copy editors, statisticians, and experts for formatting. Our goal is to help students with their writing projects. We are a premium world class dissertation writing service that meets all your dissertation/thesis writing needs with the highest quality. Our clients include Research scholars, PhD students, MBA students, MS and MD and other masters students. 

Whether you are an undergraduate, masters or a PhD student, our team of academic expert writers will craft your paper perfectly, no matter what field or speciality you require. Our team has expertise in writing on various subjects that include Medicine, Engineering, Life Science, Humanities and Management. We make sure that all the research papers, thesis, presentations, assignments and essays are plagiarism free. Timely delivery of our services and fresh content at budget-friendly prices make us stand out from the rest in the industry.

Not just academic and scientific writing, we also offer services such as formatting, copyediting, statistical analysis, topic selection, questionnaire preparation and resume writing.


Why Us?

  • Guaranteed satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. At any point, if you need rework, feel free to come back to us, we will rework and give the job to your satisfaction.
  • Reasonable price: You can compare our rates with any other organization providing similar services. Our unmatched rates and quality will make you our loyal customers.
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  • High academic standards: We will analyze your specifications after which you will receive your dissertation with stringent analysis and creative thinking, detailed and fully referenced content from authentic, up-to-date sources
  • Confidentiality: We understand that you are sharing your unpublished works with us on the basis of trust. We will honour your trust by maintaining utmost confidentiality of your work.