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Endure and Persist – The Twin Resolutions for a Brand New Year 2019

Posted 1/1/2019

Newyear resolutionYou have just ushered in a fresh New Year with much gusto and have possibly written down an elaborate list of resolutions on that new leather-bound diary you gifted yourself. New year, brings with it fresh hopes and fresh aspirations and it is therefore a time to reflect on what is it that matters the most to you as someone who has been braving the rough seas of academia. This New Year, we are here to remind you of two qualities that anyone pursuing a doctorate would want to have: Endurance and Persistence.

Do they sound too heavy or serious on this occasion of merry making and celebrations? I am sure they do! However, behind that façade of sobriety, these two qualities turn out to be your only companions, as you wade through neck-deep assignments, deadlines, tests, write-ups, corrections, re-corrections, literature reviews and what not. They are thus, those two friends who are steadfastly by your side as you set out on this quest for academic excellence. Have a quick look at those bejewelled resolutions you have listed out and you will see, each one of those aspirations can be fulfilled only when you endure hardships and persist no matter what comes your way.

Make it a habit to persist in what is most important for that thesis you need to finish, writing! Write often, write again, write even if you feel you are terrible at it, write no matter what, for one fine evening at the library, you will reach a point where you are able to put across what your research study is all about, poignantly. Read all the literature you can lay your hands upon, come what may! There could be days when you grow frustrated with the ever ending pile of research papers that you need to pore through, do it! For this endurance will empower you to look at your work in a different light altogether, let there be nothing you do not know about your research topic! Leave no stone unturned in your pursuit of producing a sensible and valuable piece of research work!

I am sure there will be days where you see no hope! You might feel forever stuck in the dreary desert of unending reading lists, unfathomable concepts and models, scary data, seemingly insatiable expectations from your study. I am sure you will feel you just do not know where to go. But keep at it. Endure those sleepless nights and countless arguments that you will have with yourself, your peers, your professors, your research guides. But do not fret, keep an eye open for little signs of progress, celebrate when you finish your survey, rejoice when you write that first chapter of the thesis. Life exists in smaller moments, recognise that and keep going. This saint-like endurance will one day bear the sweetest of fruits, when your study will see the light of the day and will make a valuable contribution to the body of knowledge.

An old English adage claims life seldom gives second chances! But hey, every New Year is that brand new chance you have to renew your life, to rejuvenate your hopes for life! Befriend endurance and persistence and you will have a fulfilling and a memorable academic year.

Wish you a very happy and fruitful New Year, 2019.

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