Thesis support for Post Graduate Students

Thesis support for Post Graduate Students | MD | MS | MBA | ML | MTech | ME
You may be doing MPhil, MSc, MS, MSW or any post-graduate course. You will be expected to submit a dissertation or project work like the PhD thesis at the end of your course. As it is a part of the degree requirement, you will have to be diligent in approaching the objective of the study. You will need to display high professionalism without plagiarism.
How can Rehoboth help you with your dissertation/project work
  •  Help you in identifying a topic that is close to your objective.
  •  Formulate a methodology to conduct the research.
  •  Create a questionnaire to collect data (if required).
  •  Statistically analyse the collected data.
  •  Support you in presenting the data in the form of charts and tables.
  •  Help you discuss the results with supporting literature.
  •  Conclude the research by highlighting its findings.
  •  Format the references as per the university guidelines.
  •  Edit or proof-read the dissertation.
  •  You may hire us for any particular service or for all of the services. 
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