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  • Is writing your PhD/Master’s thesis frustrating?
  • Do you wish that someone could help you with writing your thesis?
  • You tried help online, but ended up dealing with customer support executives who have no clue about your project?
  • Are you confused about whether you have taken the right direction in the analysis of your results?
  • Do you wonder how to do all the statistical analysis?
  • Are you zapped about putting your ideas into figures and charts?
  • Do you want someone to edit your thesis to ensure there is cohesive flow to the subject?
  • Your English is good, yet you want someone to proofread your thesis before it is submitted?
  • Do you want to deal with the real person who will work on your project?

  • We do not employ freelancers, rather we have full-time employees to work on your thesis. All our employees sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with us. This way we maintain confidentiality of your work.

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